Sunday, 19 April 2009

Success story of founder
His name is Jack Ma, he build alibaba from zero until became the most biggest e-commerce company in China.
unbelievable before 1995 Ma, ex english teacher never touch things name computer. But now he is the successful business man in internet who could became a rival eBay. Ma have big ambition, "In next five years , one of five biggest world internet company will be from china and I hope we are one of them," Ma says. Ma known as big boss in industry internet China now, this time he preparing go public. Ma rent consultan NM Rothschild, for collect fund up to USD 1 billion. despite not yet confirm to public, alibaba planning to release initial public offering (IPO) in Hongkong or New York as alternative. Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley predict offering price in IPO alibaba will became the biggest in internet industry in China. if true, alibaba business value could reach usd 4 billion.
While eBay come to China in 2002, many e-commerce company in china hopeless and impossible compete in market. But Ma far from that opinion, he still confidence, compete with giant e-commerce from usa. for him, one thing eBay have not, it is culture & trust of chinabusiness. In china not only technology needs, but close to customer and understand their needs, Ma Says. Story of success business of Ma start early in 1995. at that time he build company with first internet basis in China. Then, he received invitation Ministry of trading and economic relationship in China, for became head in information department in center international electronic trading china.
On Maret 1999, Ma & team consist of 18 people launch web name in his apartment in Hangzhou, zhejiang province. With this site, Ma thought create a facility business activity small and medium enterprise. and after throught wave on business at the end his business achieve results. like another world internet business to business (B2B), consumer trust is the key. With fast learning in foult and quickly fix it, slowy grow can wake and became bigger.
with lead from Ma, alibaba then growed fast and achieve peak performance in october 2005, at that time alibaba collaborate with yahoo.
With USD 1 billion yahoo buy 40 % share of alibaba, and Ma taking operational yahoo in China, from there formed alibaba group. this company consist of global e-commerce web and Taobao (yahoo china search engine), payment on-line (Alipay), and software business (Alisoft). Now Alibaba group already own 5000 employee serve million internet users all over the world. Ma very proud as a china people, grow in china, never study out side china, and study autodidact english language is very faboulous thing.
When young, he ride bicycle for 45 minutes every day to a hotel where tourist stay. this is for practise his english languange with the tourist. in running his business Ma not like most of business man, Ma still hang his identity as a china people. He inspired by self-defense arts novel writer and china ancient hero Jin Yong. "Jin Yong book teach me to work hard to became great man or great company. And for win we should thing out side the box.

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